Bach flower consultation

Bach flower remedies, what is it ?


Our psychological and physical states go hand in hand. Negative emotional states directly affect our health. They are connected with body energy. Bach flower remedies help to balance emotional states and harmonise behaviours.

They were discovered in 1930 by an English Doctor called Edward Bach. Indeed, Dr. Bach identified 38 negative emotional states and created flower essences corresponding to each of them.

His aim was that everyone could reveal the best of himself when he is experiencing difficulties.


Which Bach  flower remedies correspond to my emotional states?


During a one-on-one interview, we will identify your negative emotions to find out which Bach flower remedies are suitable.

Then, the consultant will figure out the flower remedies which match your needs in order to restore your emotional balance.

The Bach flower consultation takes approximately 1 hour.

This personal mix will be taken over the course of 3 weeks.

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Bach  flower remedies, for whom ?


This natural method is for everyone : adults, children, infants, pregnant women, pets….
It’s intended for people who are looking for a natural technique to face daily difficulties.
Without danger, there is no contraindication.


Bach  flower remedies, for what ?


This natural remedy is based on emotional states. It won’t care for physical symptoms but it will care for mental and emotional components with which they are linked.
It’s a great tool for sick people.


Bach flower remedies can help you :


  • In stressful situations : exams, work,….
  • To deal with difficult situations or changes : mourning, move, breakup
  • At key points of your life : pregnancy, childhood, adolescence, menopause,…
  • To release from negative emotional states : anger, fears, low self-esteem
  • When you are facing family, professional, relational and personal issues.


To make an appointment for Bach flower consultation


Bach flower consultations are available by appointment in Prague 3.

Contact me by using the contact form or please call me at +420 605 058 480

Bach flower consultation + your personal mix 30 ml : 900 CZK (34€)

Wellness pack including 3 Bach flower consultations and 2 progress consultations : 4000 CZK (154€)

Nevertheless, if you know which flower remedies you need and you don’t want to purchase all the units, I offer to prepare  for you your personal mix (6 flower remedies maximum): 270 CZK (10€)