Be yourself to be well with others

Be yourself to be well with others, that’s what I have learnt from my life experience. And for theses reasons I have founded Sense Motive ! To share wellness techniques I am using to be myself and to move forward in my way of life.

My name is Anne…

Through my life experience, I have been learning Personal Development methods which I use in my daily life.


  • Trained by Michel Scherpereel, trainer since 1990, I have been using Bach’s flower remedies for 15 years.
  • I have been training for 4 years with a Reiki Master in the North of France. Reiki is the real way of evolution and transformation. Thanks to Reiki, I have learnt to know myself and to know what is most important for me. It has opened my heart and I have learnt that life is a wealth of experience. Right now, I am able to recognise them and to accept them in order to live a calm and healthy life.
  • I have graduated from Régine Ferrère School in Paris as Spa Manager and Spa pratiticioner. I learnt different massage techniques : massage oriental, Balinese, candle, Lomi-Lomi….


Reiki pratiticioner and Bach’s flower remedies consultant, I now propose to share this experience by supporting you throughout your life’s experience. The most important belief for me is that everyone can realise his/her full potential.

Through Sense Motive, I offer simple and natural techniques to care take of yourself and your children.

bach flower consultation English
Bach flower remedies can help you  :
  • In stressful situations : exams, work,….
  • To deal with difficult situations or changes : mourning, move, breakup…
  • At key points of your life : pregnancy, childhood, adolescence, menopause,…
  • To release from negative emotional states : anger, fears, low self-esteem…
Reiki care Cap Femina
Reiki care’s benefits:
  • To sleep better
  • To feel relaxed
  • Help to strengthen immune system
  • Help you to make decisions and see more clearly
Relaxing massage
Available massages :
  • Essential oils massage
  • Bach’s flower remedy massage